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CATCH-UP TIME 2019, Part 1: Haiku Reviews

Many, many moons ago, I had a weird idea pop into my head; how hilarious would it be to sum something up not with a long winded review, but something short and directly to the point? At the time, I didn't act upon the idea of the Haiku Review, but I wish I had; of course, someone else acted upon their idea and beat me to the title "pioneer of haiku as a form of critical thinking".

Such wasted chances
I could have gotten more hits
If only I'd haiku'd.

Anyway, I have published haiku reviews before; when Arcade Fire released their super-pretentious double album Reflektor back in 2013, I went about the business of reviewing it not on this site like a normal person would, but with haiku on my old personal Twitter account. I did a few, but my favourite was:

The first half was great
What happened on the second?
Think I fell asleep.

You get the idea. So, with that spirit in mind alongside the knowledge that I've been really, really terrible at keeping up my end of the barg…

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